A next-gen app that lets you bank your way

What is YAP?

Born out of the need to bring banking at your fingertips, YAP is revolutionizing the way you make financial transactions.

YAP is actually PAY backwards – and with this in mind, we aim to make everyday payments more secure, reliable and hassle-free.

If innovation is at the heart of YAP, then personalization is at it’s core. Thousands of great ideas from greater minds have come together to create a simple, hassle-free and safe banking solution, just for you.

YAP: The Personalized Banking App

Why us?

YAP’s vision is simple – shift and disrupt banking and the way we manage our finances.

Imagine an environment where you have full control over your finances, a banking system that puts your needs first, and a service that doesn’t ask for a commitment. Enter YAP, a fully personalized banking app that caters to your individual requirements and is incredibly easy to use.

We are a next-gen digital banking platform that makes all financial experiences smarter, 100% customer-centric, transparent, secure and fair. Our mission is to create a simple, safe and hassle-free system that you can personalize to fit your needs.

What sets us apart?

YAP is the first app that offers both B2B and B2C services.

Want to teach your kids money management? Need to pay employee salaries? With YAP, you can carry out everyday financial transactions with the click of a button.

No is our favorite word here at YAP. Simply put, it means NO minimum salary, NO minimum balance, NO hidden fees and NO need for commitment.

We understand that financial matters can be quite daunting, so we’re here to ensure it’s a smooth ride from the first click.

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